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(Answered) MATH225 – Week 2 – Graphing and Describing Data in Everyday Life


Suppose that you have two sets of data to work with. The first set is a list of all the injuries that were seen in a clinic in a month’s time. The second set contains data on the number of minutes that each patient spent in the waiting room of a doctor’s office. You can make assumptions about other information or variables that are included in each data set.

For each data set, propose your idea of how best to represent the key information. To organize your data would you choose to use a frequency table, a cumulative frequency table, or a relative frequency table? Why?

What type of graph would you use to display the organized data from each frequency distribution? What would be shown on each of the axes for each graph?


For the set containing the list of injuries seen in a month, I would organize the data using a xxx xxx table. There are various types of injuries seen in the months’ time, but I believe the most significant thing to consider is the total injuries and percentage of each type of injury. For example, by using a xxx xxx table, the clinic can know the type of injury that had many patients as well as its percentage, thus guiding decisions with regard to staffing, staff training, and … To access full answer, use the purchase button below.

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