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(Answered) Philosophy – M02 Quiz


Question 1 

The sophists …

  • were paid to teach rhetoric
  • were skeptics
  • were relativists
  • did not search for genuine knowledge and universal truth
  • all of these

Question 2 

Arête is the Greek word for:

  • virtue
  • knowledge
  • all of these
  • happiness
  • soul

Question 3

Sophia is the Greek word for:

  • soul
  • virtue
  • wisdom
  • happiness
  • state

Question 14 

Pre-Socratic philosophers attempted to understand the world and life through:

  • all of these
  • rhetoric
  • superstition and myth
  • none of these
  • reason and observation

Question 5 

________ argued that reality is unchanging and eternal, and the world of change is an illusion.

  • all of these
  • Heraclitus
  • Democritus
  • Paremenides
  • Thales

Question 6 

Thales argued that fire is the primary substance.

  • True
  • False

Question 7 

The goal of dialectic is to achieve a profound, clear, and rational, understanding of the most significant areas of human experience.

  • True
  • False

Question 8 

Socrates believed that “the truth lies within only a few of us.”

  • True
  • False

Question 9 

Socrates believed that “no one knowingly does evil.”

  • True
  • False

Question 10 

Irony is a form of rhetoric that has no conflicting levels of meaning.

  • True
  • False

Question 11 

The pre-Socratic philosophers were mainly interested in _______.

  • the basic principles of ethics
  • the ultimate nature of reality
  • the nature of religion
  • sound political principles

Question 12 

Socrates thought that “there is no teaching, only remembering” because _______.

  • people remember better when they figure things out for themselves
  • some people are too ignorant to learn
  • people can arrive at truths without being directly told them because they already “know” them: they just need to “remember” them with the right guidance.
  • no one really knows enough to be able to teach

Question 13 

Socrates believed that _______.

  • only the gods were wise
  • no one was wise
  • he was wiser than most people because he realized that human wisdom was limited.
  • he was wise

Question 14 

What does Socrates say to defend himself against the charges of Meletus?

  • Socrates demonstrates that the charges have no basis in fact
  • He (Socrates) did not know the laws of the city.
  • Meletus has no firsthand knowledge of any of Socrates’ teachings.
  • Those trying to charge him with evil are hypocritical.

Question 15 

To value living an “examined life” assumes that _______.

  • people normally do not think enough
  • all of the above
  • the truth lies within each of us
  • there is no greater good than ethical living

Question 16 

Socrates was an archetypal thinker in that he _______.

  • wrote many influential books
  • was able to overcome any objection
  • convinced other people of his opinion
  • helped others achieve wisdom and improve their souls

Question 17 

Irony is used in dialogue in order to _______.

  • get the responder to ASK QUESTIONS
  • create more than one level of meaning
  • demonstrate one’s superior knowledge
  • defuse a situation with humor

Question 18 

The sophists were basically _______.

  • rhetoricians
  • artisans
  • athletes
  • politicians

Question 19 

Ancient Greek stories of the gods served most importantly to _______.

  • establish core values
  • encourage people to be more religious
  • teach the importance of philosophy
  • develop logical reasoning skills

Question 20 

Why did Socrates think people need a “physician of the soul”?

  • most people have sick souls
  • They are inclined toward evil.
  • Improving our soul is the highest possible good we can strive for
  • They do not live in a healthy way.


Question 1 

The sophists …

  • were paid to teach rhetoric
  • were skeptics
  • were relativists
  • did not search for genuine knowledge and universal truth
  • all of these

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