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(Answered) PSYU 514 – Week 5 Discussion

Instructions Vignette:  Richard and Tammy have been married for 28 years. Tammy is a 49-year-old woman who works as a preschool teacher. Richard is a 52-year-old man who has worked… Read More »(Answered) PSYU 514 – Week 5 Discussion

(Answered) PSYU514 – Reflective Analysis 2

Instructions Therapists are compelled to not only understand the specific theoretical model but are required to apply the model of treatment while working with a client unit. This is what… Read More »(Answered) PSYU514 – Reflective Analysis 2

(Answered)PSYU 516 Week 3 Discussion

Instructions During this week, one of your readings covered the process of meeting with a client for the first time. The reading expanded on the application of Motivational Interviewing and… Read More »(Answered)PSYU 516 Week 3 Discussion

(Answered) PSYU 514 Week 3 Discussion

Instructions This week’s reading introduces you to two different models of therapy. The Integrative Problem Centered Metaframeworks model is a psychodynamic approach to couple therapy, while the Bowen Family Systems Couple Coaching… Read More »(Answered) PSYU 514 Week 3 Discussion

(Answered) PSYU514 Week 2 Discussion

Instructions During this week you were provided with information regarding classifications of drugs and brain function. For your original thread, find an educational video on one drug classification you signed… Read More »(Answered) PSYU514 Week 2 Discussion

(Answered) PSYU 514 Week 1 – Theory Application Paper

Instructions After reading the assigned chapters for this week, my guess is that you are wondering how a therapist utilizes theory while working with a couple. That is a great… Read More »(Answered) PSYU 514 Week 1 – Theory Application Paper

(Answered) Discussion Question 1

Instructions What do you think Socrates means by “the life which is unexplained is not worth living?” Do you agree. Answer Socrates argument that the life which is unexamined is… Read More »(Answered) Discussion Question 1

(Answered) PSYU502 – Week 6 Discussion

Instructions As you begin your journey towards becoming a therapist, there are times where you will feel overwhelmed with the countless tasks and responsibilities you must shoulder as a therapist.… Read More »(Answered) PSYU502 – Week 6 Discussion

(Answered) PSYU506 – Week 6 Discussion

Instructions Please assure that you fully respond to each question.Briefly describe two or more components of the theoretical perspectives on assessment and diagnosis.Consider the arguments for and against diagnosis. Identify… Read More »(Answered) PSYU506 – Week 6 Discussion

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